A quality bun is made of first-rate ingredients, which primarily are always from Finland. It also tastes delicious and looks irresistibly good. However, this is not good enough for us. In addition we want to have high quality production with precise processes, which is possible due to the expertise of our staff. We are customer-oriented and want to provide excellent service by knowledgeable customer support, punctual shipments and being a trustworthy supplier. The basis of our business are quality and customer oriented approach.

To support our policy we have been licensed with Hyvää Suomesta and Avainlippu labels, which are locally recognized signs of trust and quality. Also to indicate our product safety and management we have FSSC 2200 quality certificate which is the main guide of our operation.


Local ingredients

Whenever it is possible, we aim to use Finnish ingredients in our productions. It's clear as day for us to have the main ingredients like flour, butter and sugar as locally made. Decision is also very easy for us as Finland is known for the best quality butter in the world and in addition our local area is known for the purest water in the world

Palm oil

Based on research palm oil is harmful both the environment and health. Therefore we have aligned as a company not to use palm oil in our products. At this moment already 95% of our products are palm oil free and by the 2025 we will be a 100% palm oil free manufacturer.


Our products don't include ingredients that are made with genetic manipulation. We think, it's shady business, which we prefer to avoid. Our products are inside out what they look like and you can trust what you see. So in this case, it's good to fall for the looks.

Food additives

Our goal is to keep our ingredient lists as simple and understandable as possible. To make it easy, we use food additives as little as possible and that way avoid the long list of different E-numbers. When possible, we also aim to keep the sweeteners at minimum level. 


We want to have as little allergens as possible in our products.For example we don't use sesame seeds at all and we are also giving up soy completely. Please note, that all our products contain gluten. Other allergens that are used in our production are milk, egg and almond.


We can make vegan products and we also have some existing in our current catalogue. However please note, that we are not a 100% vegan bakery. Our production lines may have residues of animal origin ingredients. 

Food waste

When there's as little food waste as possible everyone wins. Because winning is more fun than losing we want to pack our products in the best way possible. Plastic protects are products from drying in the in the cold and also prevents them from going off on different stages of their life cycle.