Our bakery has been established since 1958. It has been a long journey, but here we are. A lot of development, big decisions and defining what is the brightest star of ours. In the end everything has been worth it and here we are now. In the right place at the right time doing what we are the best at.

Third generation

We are a bakery specialized in frozen pastries and contract manufacturing. Our bakery is located in Finland in a city called Lahti. The area we are based in is called Villähde and that is where the name of our bakery Villähteen leipä comes from. Leipä means bread in English, which takes us back in time when fresh bread was our main product. We are running the business in the third generation and nowadays siblings Hanna, Mikko and Olli are in charge.

Nordic goodies from the cold

Our main goal is to be a trustworthy partner with modern solutions that add value to our customers. To make it happen, we have high technology machinery and we have worked hard in the last few years to modernize our production processes to provide the most efficient and well oiled service. In the end everything is based on how well the end product delivers in customer's use without compromising the quality in any stage of the process. Our operation is guided by FSSC 22000 certificate and Finnish Avainlippu and Hyvää Suomesta labels.


Siblings Mikko, Hanna and Olli are running the bakery on third generation. Honestly, it would be a nightmare, if they were bickering by themselves all days long. Luckily they have amazing people around them both in production and at the office. Allow us to introduce the core team of Villähteen leipä. 

Mikko Hämäläinen

The oldest one of the siblings (as if you didn't already see it). Definitely an engineer and he knows the bakery better than his own pockets. But what can you expect when you have spent all your time at the bakery since day one. Strong know-how, recipe innovator and product magician. And is able to fix any machine you can find at the bakery.

Eija Vestman

Our repository, who knew her way around when previous generation was in charge and brings much needed sense of calmness for the current generation. Joufyl and positive person, who tackles new things in an effortless way. Wish everyone had their own Eija in their team!

Hanna Ylä-Mononen

The captain of this ship. Brave decision maker. Lots of attitude and temper, depends on a day whether it's too much. But hey, what can you expect from the middle child AND the only girl? But on the other hand, she is very fair. Everyone is equal and are treated equally. Has a habit of getting emotional, when you talk about how great our empolyees are. And they really are the best. 

Kari Isotalo

The famous Kari. Truly one of a kind. Lucky us, because he is one our most valuable assets (regardless of his sense of humor). Experienced baker, great team leader and glue, that keeps people together. IT and devices are not his stong suit. No one knows if he's ever able to shut up.

Olli Hämäläinen

The youngest one of the bunch. Regardless how many work years and experience he has, he will always be considered as the little brother. Strong visionary and innovator. Fire in his belly to make this happen and build things for the future. Most comfortable around people and sales figures. Creates project schedules out of nowhere - and makes sure everyone obeys them as well.

Pikka Rusanen

What a professional! Since Pikka joined our team, our bakery has gone through an extreme makeover and looks amazing nowadays. Thanks to her hobby around horses, she is able to steer this stubborn group of people to the right direction. Suffers from the poor quality of humor day-to-day.

SINCE 1958

In the beginning there was a home bakery, meat pie and a woman called Hilkka.

1958: Baker Kaarina Holtinkoski starts running a bakery in Villähde, Nastola at the corner of a residence. The bakery is called Villähteen leipä.

1963: Ownership of the bakery is transmitted to Olavi and Hilkka Hämäläinen. Selling is focused on markets and local shops. One of the popular products is a meat pie.

1977-78: The bakery moves to its current premises at Nastolan Kangas. The company grows into a bakery with wide selection of products. Cafe is founded as a part of the bakery.

1980: Olavi Hämäläinen of Villähteen leipä is elected as the Entrepreneur of the year by Nastolan Yrittäjät

1990: Second generation Tuomo and Sirpa Hämäläinen take over the bakery.

1999: Sirpa and Tuomo Hämäläinen are awarded as the Entrepreneurs of the County

2000: Production of deep-frozen bakery goods begins. Production of confectionery comes to and end.

2011: Hanna Ylä-Mononen becomes the CEO of Villähteen leipä.

2011:  Daily delivering of fresh bread comes on an end. Focus on deep-frozen bakery goods, private label and contract manufacturing. 

2012: Change of generation: Mikko Hämäläinen, Hanna Ylä-Mononen and Olli Hämäläinen become co-owners of Villähteen leipä.

2018: Villähteen leipä Oy is licensed with FSSC 22000 quality certificate.

2020: Villähteen leipä Oy is licensed with Hyvää Suomesta label. 

2020: Comprehensive modernization of production lines and processes.

2023: After 45 years cafe of Villähteen leipä closes its doors 31.3.2023 and new entrepreneurs start running their own cafe concept at the premises.