Our expertise and knowledge is based on baking frozen pastries both sweet and savoury. We have developed our operations throughout the years and nowadays fresh baking is pretty much in the past. We focus on frozen baked goods, which is what we do best. We manufacture lots of products as a contractor and products done by us can be found widely in supermarket chains' bake-offs and freezers, wholesales' selection and the menus of restaurants and cafes. There's a high chance you have tasted our products without knowing it! They have been the good ones.

The purpose of our products is to create as much added value as possible to our customers. To make that happen we perfect the flavour, texture and look by the crumb and make sure the product delivers the best way customers' use. Our strengths are yeast based sweet buns and rolls. That's where our know-how and years of experience shines the brightest.


Here you get a bit of an insight on our products and what we work with, but we also do a lot more. So let's talk! But the field we work in is frozen pastries. We produce ready to bake, pre-baked, pre-proved and ready to use frozen pastries both sweet and savory. This way we are able offer comprehensive selection to our customers' needs whether it is for the freezer, bake-off or the plate. Both customization / creating something brand new and utilizing our existing unprovens is our everyday work. Contact us and we're happy to tell you more!

Sweet buns

Yeast based sweet buns are our crown jewel. This is what we're good at and not afraid to say it out loud. We conjure almost anything out of our unproven items. What is common for all our sweet bun products is their beautiful round shape, lush dough and passionate work of art.

Burger buns

Fast food with quality. We have a versatile assortment of burger buns, for example super lush brioche, black burger and multigrain with fibre. We guarantee you will find excellent solution for your burger needs without forgetting other fast food products.


Whether you're looking for sandwich rolls, frozen multi-pack rolls for consumers or rolls for the breakfast buffet we have good news: your search is over. We have produced rolls from day one and we make and develop them with confidence.


Finnish oat, rye, multigrain and wheat with decades of experience. We make sliced bread and loaf - something for every bread lover. We have two different kind of loaf: rye loaf and loaf for toast. The latter is perfect for sandwiches and toasts.